Starting a recording studio business plan

Include information on the zoning for your place of business, licenses required to do business and the name you will do business under. Since clients will be using the studio, liability insurance is necessary as you will be personally liable if accidents occur.

Never allow recordings in any form leave the studio until full payment is made. I think I was filming Mary Hopkin with a film crew, just getting her to sing live in the garden, with bees and flies buzzing around, high summer. Perform market research in your area to justify the existence of a recording studio.

Why has so-and-so given himself a raise of 60 pounds a week.

A Sample Recording Studio Business Plan Template FREE

Small Business Administration website also offers free general business plan and startup advice on their website See Resources. Poptastic Sounds from the Apple Era Draft a cover, executive summary and table of contents and an appendix for any documentation or diagrams.

Explain what will make your studio a profitable long-term venture by discussing market trends or any distinctive recording services you'll provide. Revenue may come from doing recording work and projects for others, creating products that sell and teaching others how to use the equipment.

If your studio business will operate as a corporation or LLC, file the necessary documents with your secretary of state. The opportunities in the music industry are massive especially in Los Angeles, and we are ready to take advantage of any opportunity that comes our way.

Purchase general business asset and liability insurance from your insurance company. In an attempt to reduce costs and multiply outcomes, try teaming up with a complementary business to co-sponsor targeted events in your business area.

Apple Corps

Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations. Purchase general business asset and liability insurance from your insurance company.

While modern computer-based home studios are much less expensive than in the past, a commercial recording venture requires professional grade equipment and facilities beyond that of a typical home setup. There are authors who would need the services of recording studios to help them record their audio books and the list goes on.

Don't try to plan further than a year into the future. He makes your music better because he cares about it.

Formation[ edit ] On the founding of Apple John Lennon commented: Professional business facility where you can make great music. Many of these supplicants received the investments they sought and were never heard from again. Learn from the mistakes of your competitors. Making use of Regional Marketing It has been proven in the industry that the most effective marketing for a recording studio is performed based on regional sales and marketing.

Provides historical reference by developing and utilizing filing and retrieval systems; recording meeting discussions; maintaining transcripts; documenting and maintaining evidence.

Obtain local business permits and state tax licenses. New York, 13 November So if you are looking to retain successful artistes under your company, you need to continue to help them explore new markets and new opportunities.

We combine a ProTools HD recording system with classic microphones, analog preamps, compressors, equalizers, and reverbs to deliver top quality sound.

Obtain training and experience by taking formal education courses at specialty schools, or you may intern or work at a recording studio.

CHAPTER 6: The Complete Recording Studio Equipment List

Consider developing relationships and purchasing from local retailers, as they are a prime source for business referrals and will be able to provide personal service and advice. MIDI controllers serve as a way for musicians and sound producers to create sounds without playing the actual instrument needed.

Helps to decide the order the songs will play in throughout the album i. Starting an online business means escaping the and getting paid to live the life you want. Work from anywhere and make money while you sleep with this definitive guide. A Complete Recording Studio Equipment List for beginners to use as a reference.


Learn all the components of your home studio inside and out. A business plan for a service business is different than a plan for other types of businesses.

How to Start a Studio Business

That's why a sample business plan for an accountant, insurance agent, self storage business, cleaning service, dry cleaning, travel agent or other service business will be so helpful.

This article shares a variety of business decisions I made at the start of my recording studio business alongside thought process and client facing methods I developed over the years to help those thinking about starting a recording studio business or those in the early stages of running a. Building a home recording studio is a HUGE project isn’t it?

It takes months of planning, research, and preparation doesn’t it?. Well most people think so, but the truth is Getting started is far easier than you might imagine.

Starting a Recording Studio Business at Home – The Marketing plan.

Starting a Recording Studio Business at Home With No Money – A Complete Guide

Marketing strategies for a Recording Studio; It is very important that you know that the marketing section of your recording studio will be made up of three main parts including the market positioning, initial launch and business growth.

Starting a recording studio business plan
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